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Incident Response, Business Continuity & Cyber Forensics - WHAT is it?

In the ideal world, every company’s main concern would be how to make sustainable business and be able to provide best results and be equally rewarded for the hard work everybody in the company is doing. But since we are not living in that ideal world and with the constant development of the technology number of threats that exist in the world and vulnerabilities that everybody is exposed is rapidly growing. Following this thought the risk of performing the business is increasing with every new would be foolish to assume that you and your company are not exposed to that risk. From natural disasters, technology malfunctions, human errors to malicious attackers and individuals that want to take the piece of your hard earned “cake” you have to be ready to tackle it.
Incident response, business continuity and cyber forensic help you address the problems when they happen and prepare you survive the tough times that lie in front of you.

WHY do I need it?

It is no longer question if you will suffer an incident but when it will happen. And when it does you have to be ready to respond immediately, minimise the damage and keep your business running. Protec's incident response will help you being prepared for any incident that is coming your way, give you the assurance that once it happens you will be able to address and minimise the impact and solve the problems before they get out of the control. With business continuity we are helping you to keep doing what you are doing even in the situations that you didn’t want to be in, because they will happen, and you have to be ready to tackle them. But even when they happen, you want to make sure they don’t happen in the future. Protec's cyber forensic team will find the rout cause of the incident and will help you address the vulnerabilities that were exploited to make sure nobody is able to do that again.

WHEN do I need them?

If you are reading this, it means you already need it. If you haven’t suffered any incident in the past, you are the lucky one and you were given the chance to be prepared for all the future incidents that are coming your way. If you have suffered the incident then you shouldn’t be reading this, but you should be already talking to our experts and finding the way how to solve it and minimise the damage.