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Gateway Security - WHAT is it?

Gateway security protects users from the multiple threats at modern web and email gateways on all devices – from smartphones to laptops and desktop computers. It makes business-critical web and email services safer, reducing the risks of today’s increasingly connected world.

We cover both web and email security, and provide:

  • Hybrid cloud mail and web gateway services incorporating cloud application control
  • Integration with Data Loss/Leakage Prevention (DLP) Services
  • Application-aware content filtering
  • Advanced ‘zero-day’ threat detection capability with global threat intelligence feeds
  • Enhanced management of Office 365 and Gmail

WHY do I need a Managed Gateway Security Service?

Gateway security is becoming more difficult as mobile and BYOD platforms and cloud-based email services further blur the boundaries between organizations and the virtual world.

Modern web and email gateways handle huge volumes of digital traffic and need constantly to update their malware, adware, URL reputation services and anti-spam engines. The risks can be exaggerated, but they’re real – and they have to be effectively managed.

WHEN do I need it?

Web and email gateway security is a continual process. For this reason, we provide it as a subscription service.