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Data Security - WHAT is it?

Data security protects your intellectual property or information ‘assets’. It’s achieved by combining various technologies at specific points on a network and configuring them so they work ‘optimally’ and cohesively together.

Our data-security services reflect your digital ‘footprint’ and the way your staff use and access data, and usually involve full- or part-time management of the technologies described in the glossary (at the end of this section) – in any combination.

Note that they cover data in the broadest possible sense – including databases and ‘inside’ information you wouldn’t want leaked to competitors.

WHY do I need a Managed Data Security Service?

Hackers and cyber criminals are getting cleverer, and smartphones, tablets, laptops, cloud computing and increased use of the Internet are making it harder for IT departments to control risks.

Our data security services redress the balance. They transfer a bit of power back into your hands.

Some of them – for example, encryption – will be required by regulators. Others will simply make practical and financial sense.

WHEN do I need it?

This varies by specific ‘sub service’. Secure code reviews and application security testing, for example, will need to be carried out whenever a company produces its own software or releases an upgrade or bug fix. Cloud application control, encryption and database security, on the other hand, are continuous processes.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection is required full-time: prolonged DDoS attacks can cost millions in lost revenue and cause serious damage to reputations.