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IT Risk Management - WHAT is it?

IT Risk Management is the practice of identifying risks to your systems and data assets and implementing measures and policies to reduce them to an acceptable level. Integral to ‘internal control’, it is the cornerstone of good IT governance.

WHY do I need IT Risk Management?

A third party can help you:

  • Identify risks – and rank them according to their likelihood and potential impact.
  • Define your risk appetite – and acceptable levels of risk.
  • Prioritize security projects and new investments in security technologies.
  • Begin the remediation process and implement controls.

Our extensive experience in a wide variety of organizations means we’ve been able to develop proven methodologies for risk assessment and mitigation.

WHEN do I need it?

IT risks assessments will need to be carried out annually to comply with the requirements of regulators. This, however, is the base position. In more progressive organizations, ‘real-time’ assessments, using technology that reveals the current level of risk at the push of a button, are becoming common.