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Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) Advisory - WHAT is it?

ISMS Advisory services help you develop a coherent set of policies, processes and systems to manage risks to information assets and improve IT governance.

They allow you to see your organisation through the lens of an objective third party – and therefore to compensate for ‘blind spots’ and weaknesses in procedures and systems.

WHY do I need an ISMS Advisory service?

Effective IT risk management depends on effective Information Security Management Systems.
Our advisers look at an organization across the three core dimensions of technologies, processes and people.
They ensure there are robust systems to:

  • Identify critical infrastructure and data.
  • Keep track of IT security solutions and investments.
  • Monitor changes that might render current solutions obsolete or inadequate.
  • Report, escalate and record adverse cyber events.
  • Monitor staff training needs, and document relevant training programmes.

They’ll take a step back, see the ‘big picture’ of the organization – and help ensure you have the right information systems for information security.

WHEN do I need it?

The answer will vary by organization. Generally, the more under-developed the current systems, the greater the need for third-party intervention.

In any organization, however, ISMS need continuous monitoring and fine-tuning as technologies and the risk landscape change.