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Blockchain Services - WHAT is it?

Recent years and specially months blockchain became the buzzword of the modern world. Most of this is thanks to the Bitcoin and other crypto currencies that became part of every day life, but there is much more to it than it meets the eye.
Blockchain is distributed register of information that is protected by cryptography and is resilient to changes. It is extremely hard or even impossible to change the evidence of the past event that was written in the blockchain, so it provides the exact information about past events. Distributed system is the one of the main reasons for this feature and as it is not centralized several verifications have to be provided in order to consider a certain information to be valid. There are endless possibilities for implementation of blockchain.

WHY do I need Blockchain Services?

The concept of blockchain and theoretical background is relatively bulletproof, but the implementations of the technology into the real life can suffer from different kind of problems. These problems range from bad coding techniques, reusing the vulnerable code, not addressing the vulnerabilities and all of them may jeopardize the security of the final product. To avoid that from happening and to have an assurance that your product is secure Protec is here to help you.
Cognosec’s experts have done number of project in the blockchain domain from assessing the security of cryptocurrency implementation, analyzing the source code of the blockchain project implementation, consulting on the improvements to the existing products to working on their own implementation of the block chain technology.
Protec is following industry best practices and is constantly updated on the development in the blockchain universe and is combining it with the experience and the knowledge from the security world to provide the best result and the most satisfying service to it’s customers.

WHEN do I need it?

Whenever you are working with the blockchain technology and you need assurance that what you are doing is secure enough and you need an advice and the guideline, we are here to help you and assess your product. Or if you just need to talk to somebody about blockchain. We would be more than happy to discuss it with you.