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Social Engineering Assessment - WHAT is it?

When people think about security, hacking, security breaches, cyber-attacks, a lot have the fake romantic picture in their heads that they probably have seen in Hollywood movies. Genius hacker who can work on couple of monitors and keyboards at the same time, write the code and commands faster than most of us normal people can read and destroy any system available in the world. A bit more technical people assume exploiting the vulnerabilities from the systems and technologies used in order to get the access and the data that you shouldn’t have. But one common thing is that most are immediately assuming that the technology will be exploited, and that technology is the reason why bad things happen. But even though this might be the case the real truth is that from the beginning of time, humans were the weakest link in security chain. You can spend millions on latest technology, bullet proof systems, but as long as humans are managing it, it will be vulnerable. Social engineering assessment is trying to do exactly that. By using different approaches, we will try to use somebody’s trust, naivety, low security awareness and multiple other factors to get access and data that usually wouldn’t be allowed to get.

WHY do I need Social Engineering Assessment?

Simple answer would be because in the end we are all just humans. And if you are like us then you want to believe that everybody is good, you always see the best in people and you are always there to help. But the sad truth is, and we have learned that from our experience, that not everybody has the best intentions and there are lot of people that will try to use your kindness against you and will try to manipulate you for their own benefit. And that is why we are there to show you how it can be done and help you improve the awareness of your employees to be able to identify if somebody is trying to misuse your good nature to get the hold of things that are the most precious for your company.

WHEN do I need it?

Whenever you want to prove to your company and employees that threats are not just technical, and they are not just originating from the systems and technology used. We will work with you on scenarios and goals that you want to achieve and execute it in controlled environment and only interested parties are involved so when we give you the results that everybody who was “victim” of social engineering attack could see how vulnerable all of us are on that kind of attack. And the final goal is not to show you we can do it, but to help you and educate you how to recognise it in the future and not be the victim of real social engineering attack.