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ICS Security Assessment - WHAT is it?

Our ICS Security Assessments identify weaknesses in the security of industry control systems (ICS) – systems that relate to critical infrastructure such as power, water and transport – and their interfaces with other IT infrastructure.

We combine specific tests with traditional penetration testing to cover all components and types of infrastructure. These technical tests can be accompanied by architectural and process security reviews.

WHY do I need ICS Security Assessment?

Traditionally, ICS systems could only be attacked by physical means. Connection to the Internet has changed all that: today, attackers can probe for weaknesses remotely and exploit them.

We can spot problems before an attacker does – and recommend solutions.

A vital part of critical infrastructure, ICS must be secured to ensure safety and continuous operation – and protect businesses and economies.

WHEN do I need it?

As the threats to ICS increase – due, in part, to increased geopolitical risks and the increased connectivity of the ‘Internet of Things’ – so the need to protect them increases.

Changes in ICS environments are not as frequent as in modern non-ICS environments. Nevertheless, a security assessment should be carried out regularly, ideally, once a year.