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We assess your cybersecurity risks across the three core organisational dimensions – technology, processes and people.

WHY do I need Assurance Services?

The risk landscape is changing as technologies, cyber criminals and ‘hacktivisits’ become smarter, and the financial penalties for security failures increase. Our Assurance Services provide an ‘early warning system’ by testing for vulnerabilities in software, hardware and processes.

They enable you to take action to prevent costly security breaches – and help you prove to shareholders and stakeholders you won’t put confidential or sensitive data at unnecessary risk.

Nothing is as seductive as assurance of success. - Gertrude Himmerlfarb -

WHAT Assurance Services do Protec offer?

The short answer…

a comprehensive range. We look at risk across the three core dimensions of an organisation: technology, processes, people.
We’ll take a ‘holistic’ approach – and we’ll recommend solutions to help you become cyber resilient.


The longer answer…

  • ICS Security Assessment
  • Information Systems Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing

Each of these services is briefly explained below.

Our Assurance Services

ICS Security Assessment


Information Systems Audit


Vulnerability Assessment


Application Security Assessment


Penetration Testing


Social Engineering Assessment