Case Study: CIO – Cloud security in a hybrid working environment

It is estimated that over 500 million people use the internet across Africa. From improving, productivity, efficiency, and innovation to advancing human and social development, digitisation and connectivity yield unquestionable benefits. Promoting digital transformation is a priority for sustainable development. Rapid digital transformation, bolstered by affordable communications and cheap devices, has also introduced new risks […]

It’s already too late: Plan Cyber Security incident response now

The value of an incident plan does not depreciate or become obsolete when a Cyber Security incident is over, and its value is in its function in the greater scheme of business continuity. It’s not a matter of if, but when your business will come under attack from hackers.  There is a Cyber Security hacking attempt every 39 […]

Always opt for effective incident response best practices

A guiding set of best practices can assist companies to design and implement a quality incident response programme that takes cloud and disaster recovery into account. If in any doubt as to the necessity of an incident response (IR) plan, consider this statistic from IDC research that reveals that 80% of consumers would take their business elsewhere […]