Case Study: CIO – Cloud security in a hybrid working environment

It is estimated that over 500 million people use the internet across Africa. From improving, productivity, efficiency, and innovation to advancing human and social development, digitisation and connectivity yield unquestionable benefits. Promoting digital transformation is a priority for sustainable development. Rapid digital transformation, bolstered by affordable communications and cheap devices, has also introduced new risks […]

Creating a Security First Culture

In the Africa Cloud and Security Summit 2022, Andrew Njoroge appears as part of a panel highlighting the important topic of Cyber Security and the human element involved. Andrew addresses how leaders need to curate a security first culture throughout organisations.

Cloud security in a hybrid working world

Shalom Onyibe addresses the following in Africa Cloud and Security Summit 2022: Why are organisations digitally transforming? Security vs the Agile nature of digital transformation Identity being the “New Perimeter” Local/African Statistics on Cloud Threats The Cloud Security Roadmap