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What we do

In times of the drastic and fast change, we provide the best information security, risk management and audit services – bringing stability and peace of mind to our customers. We change the world for the better and ensure we always deliver the best solutions. Staying one step ahead of the game is how we do it.

General Data Protection

One of the most concerning problems for vast majority of companies these days is protecting their data...


Payment Services Security

Payment industry has always been one of the most appealing targets for malicious attackers...


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Improving Governance, Risk, and Compliance within an organization can be extremely beneficial and important for the future of the organisation...


Incident Response, Business continuity & Cyber Forensics

Incident is the most unwanted situation the organisation wants to end in but just ignoring the possibility of incident and hoping for the best is not a solution...


Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical infrastructure is one of the most sensitive areas in security since the consequences of malicious attacks on it could be devastating...


Managed Security Services (SOC)

As Security is becoming more important aspect of every business it is becoming more and more challenging for companies to respond to all the security requirements...

Protec is a leader in cyber resilience, bringing stability and peace of mind to our customers, in times of rapid and disruptive change

The Protec 360 Approach

We help you to verify if you comply with security regulations and standards.

We help you by recommending the necessary controls to comply with security regulations and standards.

We help you by assisting in the implementations of the necessary controls to comply with security regulations and standards.

We help you by managing the necessary controls to comply with security regulations and standards.

Why Protec

“In today’s world, threats are complex and multilayered. Complete protection is not achievable through a single solution or product, most want protection, Protec provides resilience.

We provide a 360° approach for services and solutions backed by a team of established industry experts. Protec differs from other companies, by providing both the breadth and depth in our offerings to cater for the evolving threats you face both today and for tomorrow.”

Cyber Resilience at its core

Our approach is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework but critically we regard our clients as partners and together we create a cyber resilient strategy that works.