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Security Management

Security management is a program that ProTects and secures the computer from intrusions and collisions. It does this by giving security alerts if an intruder gets into the network without proper litigations.

What it does?

This program enforces security and privacy policies in businesses, reduces security administration costs, increases employee productivity and also increases customer satisfaction.

How it works?

It secures and acts as a guard to information that a company wants to keep private. It also creates a system that makes interacting more efficient and keeps it safe from intrusion. It also gives security alerts when an outsider tries to penetrate through the system.


Security Management helps assure compliance with security policies, government regulations and audit requirements; enable real-time detection, analysis, and response to internal and external threats.

What would happen if you do not have this?

Lack of this program could lead to intrusion from outer sources as the network will not have any security policy that ProTects it from being entered from the outside. The company also runs a risk of losing private information that they may not want revealed to a client who is serving through their site.