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Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

What it is?

Penetration and vulnerability test is service provided to test and exploit the network for intrusion especially from and other outside sources i.e. from hackers. This enables one to see how vulnerable the system and also helps identify the weaknesses in the network.

How it works?

This test enables one to check if there are any open doors that could make the computer vulnerable to hackers or any other outside illegal sources. It also tests to see networked hosts for default passwords, which are configured by vendors and never changed by the administrator.

What it does?

This test determines the weakness in a network. It is also guards and protects the network from unwanted outside sources. As a result this help and makes the computer less vulnerable. Last but not least management of the network is made a lot easier with the test results as all the loopholes are detected at an early stage.

What would happen if you do not perform the test?

If one does not perform the test, then your network is prone to attackers, which in turn would make the network very insecure.