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Host Intrusion Prevention Systems

Systems (HIPS) monitor and block such unwanted activity. Host Intrusion Prevention protects your assets with multiple proven methods, including a system firewall and both signature and behavioral analysis.

Standalone products have cumbersome unintegrated management platforms that prevent many companies from deploying the comprehensive protection they need against today's blended threats. Host Intrusion Prevention integrates into your existing McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator management platform, for accurate, scalable and easy-to-use advanced system protection. With automatic signature updates and zero-day protection, you get the advanced vulnerability-shielding capabilities you need. Patching systems is something you will do less often and less urgently, and you will find it easier to comply with legal regulations. With a single agent for host intrusion prevention and desktop firewall, McAfee HIPS is easy to deploy, easy to configure, and easy to manage.


  • Proactive comprehensive protection
    Prevent intrusions with three layers of protection: behavioral rules, signatures analysis, and firewall protection; HIPS even protects you against unknown (zero-day) attacks

  • Deploy and scale it globally
    With centrally managed and scalable HIPS, you can deploy it across your entire enterprise for complete global protection with multiple language support

  • Prioritized patch management
    Use the power of HIPS against new vulnerabilities and exploits when they hit for more time to research, test, and deploy patches

  • Lower your costs
    Reduce the frequency and urgency of patching systems; and, with its centralized streamlined management, you can reduce system maintenance costs


  • Vulnerability shielding
    Automatic security content updates target specific vulnerabilities and recognize unknown exploits trying to taking advantage of that vulnerability and stop it from executing; security content updates do not require reboots of the end system

  • Prevents buffer-overflow exploits
    HIPS uses a patented host intrusion technology to prevent buffer-overflow attacks, one of the most common methods of attacking servers and desktops

  • Blocks removable USB media
    By blocking the use of removable USB media, you can stop viruses or worms from being inadvertently loaded onto systems, reduce data theft, and enforce corporate lock-down policies