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Dataloss Prevention

Are you losing data without even knowing it? Your customer information, intellectual property, financial data, and personnel files may be leaving your corporate borders right now. And the perpetrators are not only hackers—they are also your own employees. Accidental and malicious data loss can occur through common channels such as email, web posting, USB drives, and printing—potentially costing you millions.

Stop Data Loss Before It Happens: Every day companies like yours fall victim to massive data loss through malicious and unintentional leakage of information. A recent study found that more than 75 percent of Fortune 1000 companies had fallen victim to accidental or malicious data leakage. In a recent study, over 55 percent of employees use portable devices to take confidential data out of the workplace every week The costs to companies resulting from data breaches and remediation are extremely high. In 2007, the average was $6.3 million What if you could easily and effectively stop data loss? What if you could help manage compliance with industry and government regulations at the same time? Now you can with a solution for monitoring, auditing, and controlling user behavior with our sensitive data.

ProTect and Comply: Gain complete visibility and control the transfer of your most critical data with McAfee® Host Data Loss Prevention (Host DLP). Instantly monitor and prevent confidential data loss at work, at home, and on the road. Host DLP protects your organization from the risks of financial loss, brand damage, lost customers, competitive disadvantage, and non-compliance. With Host DLP, you can quickly and easily monitor real-time events, apply centrally managed security policies to regulate and restrict how employees use and transfer sensitive data, and generate detailed forensics reports without affecting your daily business activities. ProTect your enterprise from data loss threats originating from the inside, such as email, IM, CD burns, web posting, USB copying, and printing. You also stop confidential data loss initiated by Trojans, worms, and file-sharing applications that hijack employee credentials without their knowledge.

ProTect Without Disrupting: Prevent data loss and leakage without interrupting legitimate business activities, even when data is modified, copied, pasted, compressed, or encrypted. ProTect content for more than 390 data file types. Unique fingerprinting algorithms and content tagging options (based on location, application, file type, regular expressions, keywords, and more) provide breadth and depth in data protection to ensure your company’s information remains secure.

Compliance Management Simplified: Easy management through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™) enables event monitoring and incident details to prove internal and regulatory compliance measures to auditors, board members, and other stakeholders. Host DLP integration with ePO allows you to easily collect critical usage data, such as sender, recipient, time stamp, and data evidence. With a click of a button, ePO enables event monitoring and detailed reports to prove to auditors, senior management, and other stakeholders that internal and regulatory compliance measures are in place.

The Payoff: Unrivalled Data ProTection: Gain full visibility and control over the data leaving your endpoints, so you can stop the losses— and the negative headlines—before they happen. Host DLP is part of a total data protection solution. McAfee Total ProTection™ for Data couples Host DLP with McAfee Endpoint Encryption to offer an even more complete data protection solution.