• Cisco
    Cisco a partner with us provides:
    Firewalls, Switches, Routers and so much more products
  • Finjan
    A product of M86 Security that >>Offers secure web gateway solutions for the enterprise market. >> Provides a unified web security solution combining multi-layered security with productivity...
  • M86 Security
    Our partner that offers content filtering engines like >>Mail Marshal >> Web Marshal
  • McAfee
    Offers a wide range of security products like: >>Data Loss Prevention >>Endpoint Protection >> Network Protection >>USBEncryption ... & so much more products
  • Symantec
    One of our partner that offers a wide range of security products like: >>Backup Exec
  • Others
    More of our partners: Net IQ, Access Data, Microsoft, SAP, VeriSign, TippingPoint, eSoft, Redhat & Cyberoam


Company Profile

Who we are

Professional Technologies Ltd, better known as ProTec, is a leading provider of ICT security and management solutions in East and Central Africa. Since 1998 ProTec has built a firm reputation for quality service and technical support in all areas of protecting information assets. It is the sister company to Dynamic Recovery Services of South Africa, an expert ICT security solutions covering the whole of Southern and Central Africa.

What we do

ProTec provides a broad range of ICT security and management products which provide tiered security from the desktop to the internet gateway of your organization. The products are both software or appliance based and include network antivirus; anti-spam; content management; firewalls; intrusion prevention; network access control; data backup and recovery; security policy creators; risk and vulnerability assessment. We also provide ICT security policy advisory and consultancy services. The organizations we serve range from Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) to Large Corporations in both Private and Public sectors, Non Govermental organizations, Embassies, the United Nations Agencies (U.N).

How we do it

ProTec has established strategic partnerships with leading Security and Management Software Companies globally. Through these established partnerships the firm is able to provide a wide range of products to address ICT security threats that organizations are exposed to. ProTec has been successful in its operations having won awards two years in a row for its excellence in security solutions. Its success can be attributed to the following key drivers:

  • Strategic partnerships and alliances.
  • Highly skilled, experienced, and professional workforce.
  • Wide range of security product offerings.
  • Highly responsive and reliable customer service.
  • Best of Breed Channel Partnership

ProTec is an Elite Partner in East Africa for McAfee, Sole Authorized Partner in East Africa for Marshal and NetiQ and eSoft. It is the first Enterprise Solutions Partner in Kenya to be appointed for Symantec. It is also a Cisco SMB Select Partner; all of these manufacturers are the world leaders in producing Network security software solutions.

Problems we solve

As businesses place more reliance and digital assets online, they are exposed to significantly greater threats and risks. Through a breach of security, proprietary data can be stolen or changed, customer information can be accessed, and business operations can be brought to a stand still. Security breaches have the potential to cripple a company, which can have an impact on their financial performance or in some cases even bring the business to bankruptcy.

The growing threat of hackers has made any vulnerable or unsecured business a potential target. Even though effective security is the most fundamental infrastructure tool, very few companies have taken the necessary steps to safeguard themselves beyond basic antivirus solutions. It can be extremely costly for a company to hire security specialists. For this reason ProTec has made Network Security and Management and Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity its core business and aims to provide cutting edge solutions to bridge this gap.

Why we Are Different:

  • The company's strengths are its Core Values and keys to success.
  • Integrity - We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and corporate actions that drive an organization.
  • Teamwork - We believe teamwork leverages our individual strengths
  • Performance - We believe performance excellence will drive the results that differentiate us from our competitors
  • Learning - We believe a learning environment is the way to achieve the full potential of each individual and the company

ProTec is committed to providing its customer base with solutions and support in securing and maintaining a secure network environment. In today's environment of critical dependence on networks and their uptime, ProTec provides its customers with services that enable them to concentrate on their business on hand and not have to worry about the protection of their networks.